Ise Bath Stool

Nord Counter Stool
June 26, 2020
Rim Table (12” by 24″)
April 20, 2020

Developed in collaboration with Commune Design, Ise bath Stool is an interpretation of Japanese Hinoki stools, adopting to the contemporary western life style. Made of majestic Alaskan yellow cedar, which has been used in making of boat and totem poles by Native Americans, the stool reveals a warm creamy color and a beautiful tight grain. The wood's decay resistance makes the stool perfect for places with high moisture, such as bathrooms, showers and saunas. The design is strikingly minimal yet robust. All the edges are rounded to small radius, giving the stool softer presence. This product is flat-packed for small carbon footprint shipping and does requires some easy assembly.

H 17 1/2” W 16 1/2” D 10”

Alaskan Yellow Cedar


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