Haku Pendant Lamp

Mari Pendant Lamp
September 25, 2017
Plank Stool
September 25, 2017

The combination of gold foil and black lacquer, often found in ancient Japanese artworks, is the inspiration for this all-brass pendant lamp. The shade is made from two solid brass sheets which are affixed to the satin-brass grand suspension arch.  While the exterior of the shade is finished with densely dark lacquer, the inside has a satin-brass finish. This results in warm defused lighting.  Sumptuous, uniquely modern, and surprisingly light, Haku will make a visually striking addition to any modern interior.

H 17 1/2” W 19” D 19”

Brass shade (outside: high gross black lacquer, inside: brushed finish) and stem arch, cotton cloth covered cord, LED light bulb